Friday, January 1, 2016

♥ 2015 Photos Recap ♥

► January & February

Mom visited Singapore.

 Flying kites with colleagues.

Going for Luge with friends.

► March & April

Dance at Topayoh Thingyan.

Activities and Dinner at Sentosa with colleagues.

► May & June

Birthday dinner.

Bunnies as birthday present!!
(Note: Never ever give animal as present unless you are too sure that he/she can totally take care of it. Some people say they love animals but in reality they cannot take care of them.)

Birthday presents I got.

Birthday donation with my kids.

Company Dinner and Dance.

► July & August

Busy with my bunnies boo. No more events to go out. 
Decided to go Pescatarian in August.

Decorated their cage with flowers :D

Once in the blue moon painting of mine xD

► September & October

Become Vegetarian in September.

Become Vegan in October. (The best thing ever happened in my Life)

Whole family visited here.

School holiday started in end of October.

► November & December

Going back to Yangon for 2 weeks.

Sister Wedding. (My visit to Yangon post haven't finished yet. Will come soon xD)

Donation at Yangon Education Center for the Blind

Visited Singapore National Gallery (Haven't written a blog post yet :P)

 Christmas 2015.

Happy New Year 2016 everyone!!!

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